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Farmers Market Near Me
Marysville Farmers' Market
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Farmers Market Near Me
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Marysville Farmers' Market Share
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Table of Contents
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Farmers Market Name Marysville Farmers' Market
Website No data
Hours Share
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The Month the Farmers Market Opens May
The Last Month of the Farmesr Market October
Days and Time Open Sat: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Street 7th and Broadway
Location Private business parking lot
Payments Accepted Share
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Credit Card
WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (WIC-FMNP) No
WIC Cash Value Vouchers No
Senior Farmers Markets Nutrition Program (SFMNP) No
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) No
Are Organic Options Available? Share
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Products Available: Foods Share
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Baked Goods Yes
Fresh Fruits No
Fresh Vegetables Yes
Cheese and Dairy Products Yes
Eggs No
Fish and Seafood No
Fresh or Dried Herbs Yes
Honey Yes
Canned or Preserved Fruits, and More Yes
Maple Syrup and Other Maple Products No
Meat Yes
Poultry No
Nuts No
Prepared Foods (for Immediate Consumption) Yes
Dry Beans No
Mushrooms No
Tofu and Non-Animal Protein No
Wild Harvested Forest Products No
Products Available: Drinks Share
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Wine, Beer, and Hard Cider No
Coffee and Tea No
Juices and Non-Alcoholic Ciders No
Products Available: Other Share
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Crafts and Woodworking Items Yes
FlowCut Flowersers Yes
Nursery No
Potted Plants Yes
Soap and Body Care Products Yes
Trees and Shrubs No
Pet Food No

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